CFP: `Origin´ in wine and tourism: science, myth, magic

Academic workshop with scientific presentations and explorative wine tastings.
One long table at the winery. 32 participants. Up to 20 presentations. 1-3 Sept 2023. Belém, Lisbon, Portugal.


Jointly organised by: Adega Belém Urban Winery, EIREST-Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, & University of California Berkeley - Tourism Studies Working Group

Organising committee: Nelson Graburn, Maria Gravari-Barbas & David Picard

Focusing this second workshop on the notion of origin allows us to bring together debates that have been going on quite independently within the social sciences of wine and of tourism. ‘Origin’ is a key topic in the critical study of tourism as a cultural practice that emerges with the early modern emancipation of a laic world view, and the projection of the formerly theological images of a foundational golden age into symbolically heightened geographical and social realms “out there”, e.g., sites of ‘premodern’ age, ‘wild’ nature, ‘organic’ food, ‘primitive’ cultures, etc., that can be accessed and ritually renewed through the tourist journey. Much of the literature has focused on the social and geographic re-arrangement of tourist destinations as places that respond to these modern imaginaries of origin and the celebratory needs of the tourist journey.

Call for papers: CFP submission & registration at
Please use the link above to send a 300 word abstract with additional information about affiliation and professional status until 5 May 2023 (to allow participants to plan their trips ahead). Late abstracts considered.
TSWG will pay the registration fee of all full- time students whose abstracts are accepted at the workshop.

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